Coldest Shoot: 22-degrees below zero.
And we’d gladly do it again.

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A compelling story can be told in as little as 15 or 30 seconds. First Tracks produces local and nationally televised spots and can include voice-over, music licensing and stock footage.

Promotional Videos

That new thing of yours is awesome! Seriously. But the world doesn’t yet know it yet or hasn’t seen it in action. We’ve helped companies take new products to market and helped organizations amplify their message and increase their impact.


From convention-center-sized political and corporate events to intimate mountain-top weddings, First Tracks can light, shoot, edit and deliver a video that captures every indoor and outdoor moment.

Athlete Profiles

Combined action sport and lifestyle videos can be used to increase sponsorship potential. The video segment we produced for Alexis Roland when she was 8 was used in a Warren Miller film, making her the youngest athlete ever to have her own part in this iconic ski and snowboarding video series.

Even if you’re not looking to sign with an energy bar company, a well-produced video can be used to help you or your child develop skills in a sport you love. We work with all ages and abilities in South Lake Tahoe or the location of your choice.

Outdoor Adventures

Looking for a great keepsake? We’ll document your trip and turn it into a thrilling video family members will want to watch again and again (promise).

Aerial Videography 

Getting the right shot isn’t always about setting up cameras on tripods or POV-shots from a helmet or pole. Sometimes a more unique perspective is required: Think shots from above.

First Tracks specializes in aerial footage. The best part? We don’t charge for aerial filming if you’ve booked us for a project. We’ll work with you to determine if a project can benefit from aerial shots and if they can be done in a safe manner. If the answer to both questions is yes, and often it is, we’d be happy to get some airtime for you.

Stock Footage Licensing

First Tracks maintains an extensive video library ranging from action sports to serene natural landscapes. Need a specific shot that might not be standard b-roll? We can go out and get it for you.

DVD Authoring and Replication

Sometimes a digital file just won’t do. We can author blu-ray DVDs to keep your footage in HD for years to come.