I’ve been a bit antsy of late with not quite enough snow to be hitting the backcountry but too much snow to take out one of my mountain bikes, so I decided to rent a Fat Bike from Sierra Ski and Cycle Works here in town and I gotta say, it was tough to bring it back. I felt like a little kid playing in the snow. And, after a couple of days on it, I started to realize how much potential Fat Bikes have – and not just on snow, it was great in mud and tacky dirt too. Fat Bikes are really bringing year-round mountain biking to just about every area.

Here’s a quick clip thrown together from the past couple of days riding solo (none of my friends have a Fat Bike – yet). I put a Panasonic LX7 on a Xsories bendy tripod to supplement the GoPro shots). So, nothing crazy for the production value (or the riding), but some nice views and some Fat Bike stoke. Check it out!

Thanks Xsories

xsories van sickle fat bike

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