Please help in anyway you can:

Mackenzie Bogart surrounded by her siblings: Kailey, Tyler and Ashley from left to right.

The Bogart family is amazing. I can’t think of another word to describe them. Jesse and Jenn are amazing parents and they have 4 amazing kids: Tyler, Kailey, Ashley and Mackenzie. Jesse is a military officer and graduate of the USAF Academy (Class of 1999) currently serving on an active-duty tour in the Hawaii Air National Guard. Jenn is a Supermom who probably juggles more in a day than I could in a month. The kids are always in motion, whether it be snowboarding, skating, surfing, wakeboarding, sailing, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, swimming or just goofing off being kids.

Jesse and Jenn’s support of their children and all they do is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Case in point: They sold their TVs to buy their kids surfboards.

In January of 2011, Kailey underwent pediatric neurosurgery to decompress a Chiari Type I malformation—a congenital disorder that was essentially causing her brain stem to act like a cork in the base of her skull. She’s had an amazing recovery and is now a two-time National Snowboarding Champion with USASA.

Now, they have another challenge. Their youngest, 3 year-old Mackenzie was just diagnosed with leukemia. Cancer is tough at any age, but for a 3 year-old, days filled with blood transfusions and chemotherapy are especially difficult. We’d love for you to help support the Bogart family in their time of need. There are a lot of great causes to support out there, but this should rank high on any list. Everyone who donates is automatically entered in to a raffle for some great prizes including a new snowboard and lots of other gear.

Please help by clicking here – no donation is too small. All donations will go directly to the Bogart family to assist them in covering bills related to Mackenzie’s illness. These will include medical bills insurance doesn’t cover, child care costs to allow Jenn to spend as much time in the hospital with Mackenzie as possible, etc.



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