Before our focus on freelance work for companies and individuals, First Tracks produced 9 full-length action-sports movies. Check out some of the trailers from 2007-2009 and then see some of our more recent freelance work below:

Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority (LTVA)/Tahoe South

The South Shore of Lake Tahoe is an amazing place, and the Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Authority did a great job branding it “Tahoe South” and celebrating the lifestyle and vibe that is Tahoe South. Only problem? A lot of people didn’t know what Tahoe South was. Was is South Lake Tahoe? Was it Stateline? Was it an actual place at all? That’s where we came in to tell the story…

2 other examples for LTVA:

Star Wars / Burton Snowboards / Sierra at Tahoe Riglet Park opening

and the Ragnar 24 Hour Trail Relay, also at Sierra at Tahoe


We work with a couple of great non-profits, SkiDUCK being one of them. They bring disadvantaged kids up to the mountains and get them a chance to experience the wonder and beauty of mountain areas – and the opportunity to learn to ski and snowboard. If they stay out of trouble and keep their grades up, they get to keep coming back. Pretty cool. We’ve shot some videos showcasing the program and the kids and they’ve been a lot of fun, but Clint, the Director of SkiDUCK was looking to get a video out there to help promote the program that was a little different…something with a chance to go viral. Working with Clint, this is what we came up with. “I’ve Skied Everywhere” and homage to Johnny Cash and Ski Areas. The video received tens of thousands of views online and was featured in the touring Tahoe Adventure Film Festival.

Alexis Roland

Have you heard of Alexis Roland? If not, you soon will. First Tracks Productions started working with Alexis in 2007, when the Burton Smalls rider was just 6 years old. We’ve filmed Alexis each season since, helping her grow in popularity both within and outside the action sports world. Her promotional videos have received millions of views and have inspired a new generation of female riders. Here’s the segment First Tracks produced of Alexis for Warren Miller’s film Dynasty.


Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association has accomplished a lot in the past few years – and, one of their biggest accomplishments is the revamp of the Corral Trail in South Lake Tahoe. With a true partnership with the US Forest Service the local mountain bike community came together to create a trail with mountain bike specific features for users of all abilities. Check out the story and some of the action.

Aerial Filming

Sometimes getting the shot isn’t all about setting up cameras on tripods or POV shots from a helmet or pole…Sometimes it’s about getting an even more unique perspective. Hiring a full-size helicopter for the day is great if you have the budget. If you don’t, no worries. Getting shots from above is something First Tracks can assist you with.

And, the best part? We don’t charge for aerial filming if you’ve booked us for a project. We’ll work with you and make the determination if a project can benefit from aerial shots and if they can be done in a safe manner. If the case is yes, and often it is, we’ll be happy to get some airtime for you. Drop us a line with any questions!

Outside Television

In 2010 RSN (Resorts Sports Network) merged with Outside Magazine to launch Outside Television. First Tracks Productions has had a long-standing relationship with RSN, so when Outside Television needed new content to help gain positive exposure for the new channel, they contacted us to create new content. Here’s the intro to splitboarding video we produced – and Prior, a ski and snowboard company we work with from British Columbia was quite pleased with the TV coverage they received in this piece:

All-Women Sports Camp

In 2011, the All-Women Sports Camp launched with an inaugural weekend at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort featuring group runs, mountain and road bike excursions, and a fanstastic array of clinics and other activities. Event Director Inger Norman suspected the weekend would be a blast, so she asked First Tracks to film the activities to help promote the camp and to attract future participants and sponsors. First Tracks produced two videos; a 4-minute trailer and a 1-minute quick hit. Norman was right, of course, and everyone involved is looking forward to future events.

Bicycle Brothers

Ryan and Todd Jezek have a cool new bike company in the works. In addition to that, they’re a couple of characters…They were looking for a production team to put together a pitch trailer to make their new bike business a reality show. They settled on First Tracks right away because of their comfort level after meeting our crew and knowing we’d be able to put something together with stunning imagery on the cheap…very cheap. I shouldn’t say how cheap because we do like to make money on projects. But, yeah, it was cheap. Check it out…

Bailey Duran

Dave Duran knew the snowboarding skills of his 4-year-old daughter, Bailey, were pretty spectacular. The question was how to show everyone else. Two seasons and three First Tracks videos later, Bailey has been featured on Outside Television and is now riding for top-tier companies such as Roxy and Eternal Snowboards.

Bailey has plenty of her own ideas about movie-making. After watching Blake Griffin sink the winning dunk in a slam dunk contest, it got her thinking … and it gave First Tracks the opportunity to show off her creativity.

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