Off the Beaten Path update…

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It’s been a while. Sorry about that. At least I can say it’s because we’ve been out and about doing some pretty neat things. We just got back from Iceland filming for “Off the Beaten Path” and we’re really stoked on how that project has been coming. And, to be fair, it’s not like you’ve been sending us updates everyday either. C’mon now. Step it up.

We’re also in the process of revamping the whole website so we’ve been putting in time behind the scenes and plan to launch the new site in conjunction with the release of a trailer for “Off the Beaten Path”.

In the interim, check out some video frame grabs of Pat Smage and Liz Sampey from our trip to Iceland!Group glacier shot Liz and Pat waterfall liz hike a bike liz ridgeline  Pat Lupine whip1 pat and liz heli above Pat plane3 pat wheelie gap Liz sandstone liz iceberg wheelie Pat iceberg rock2 Pat icecave wheelie

Off the Beaten Path…

Time to let the cat out of the bag. Actually, that’s not accurate. We’d never put a cat in a bag. That seems cruel. Ok, maybe a kitten playing but just for a second…I digress.

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We’ve been working on a new adventure film project, “Off the Beaten Path” and, to be honest, we’ve been having a lot of fun along the way. The focus is on fat biking and showcasing that fat biking is somewhat of a natural progression of mountain biking. Early mountain bikers were looking to create bikes that allowed them to ride on terrain and in conditions they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Many now look to fat bikes for the same reason.

Expect a unique cast of characters and imagery of bikes riding in places bikes have never been. Check back soon for more images, updates and links to places where people are talking about “Off the Beaten Path”. You can see some low-res video frame grabs from some of our early shoots below. Go West Foto has some high-res images too. And, if you’ve got questions about the project, interest in getting involved on some level, or have a great micro-brew to recommend, hit us up.

Update 2 A pre, pre-teaser…This is just some self-shot riding featuring Anthony from First Tracks and Emmie. No full production crew or athletes in this clip, but some sweet views and a goofy dog:

Update 1 with first round of media links featuring photos and words from First Tracks Productions:

DCIM101GOPROdoubles2pat1Pat fatback1Lee still1-2Lee still3

Lee still8Jeff whale slab3Lee still2AC wh fb jump1Jeff Donner5AC9Pat2Drift still1AC still1-2-2Drift still3Jeff1Pat fatback2

More to come soon…