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Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care does incredible work. And, we’re happy to help them out and spread the good word. Yesterday morning we got footage of their volunteers preparing ‘Cinder’ for her transfer to her last stop, a rehabilitation center in Idaho, before being released back in the wild. Cinder was brought to LTWC badly injured from a forest fire. And, after some amazing treatment, she’s one step closer to being back where she belongs. Some of the footage we shot was used on the CBS Evening News and you can see the story here:

Cinder CBS screen grab

Baby “Tahoe” is an orphaned female cub that was brought to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care in mid-April. She’s not quite ready to be outside in their bear enclosure, so we got to see her up close and personal as she explored her surroundings…

Winter and Summer are what the Tahoe area is most well-known for, but Fall is a pretty amazing time too. Mountain Biking, Fly Fishing, and taking in the Fall colors among the wildlife…not too shabby. We put together this 30-second clip to showcase Fall is just as good a time visit Tahoe as the beach days of summer and the pow days of winter. Check it out:

If you’re not familiar with the American Century Championship, it’s a celebrity golf tournament at Edgewood in Tahoe South. Stars from the big screen to the NBA, NFL and MLB turn out for this unique event. But even if you know about it, you may not know about the great charities that benefit from this tournament.

First Tracks Productions was brought in to help get the word out about these charities and their good work. This video was shown at a kick-off event at Edgewood and will air on as well.