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What are you doing for the next hour and six minutes? Nothing? Cool. Hang out and watch “Off the Beaten Path”, our adventure cycling film that, hopefully by the end of that 66 minutes, will have you wanting to get out of your chair and out exploring…

From desert dunes in Nevada to an ice tunnel under a glacier in Iceland, “Off the Beaten Path” showcases that we’re not limited to pavement or traditional dirt trails when it comes to cycling adventures.

Ryan Jezek is all about bikes. And, that passion has rubbed off quite a bit on his family. Rather than just go out for bike rides together on weekends, Ryan and his brother Todd started building their own bikes in the garage and are about to launch a new a bike brand. The family that makes bikes together stays together? Stay tuned…

First Tracks Productions has been working on a fun social media video series for the Carson Valley Visitor’s Authority. To kick off the campaign, we produced a video searching for a “Carson Valley Rider” – someone who could really showcase all that Carson Valley has to offer. Once the Rider was found, we introduced her (and her horse) and set off for adventure… So far, we’ve hung out with Elvis, had a beer at Nevada’s oldest bar and gone snowboarding. Check it out:

Carson Valley is a pretty amazing place…And, there’s no lacking in things to do there and in nearby Lake Tahoe. We’re helping them get the word out by producing a video series showcasing the winner of their Carson Valley Rider contest checking out all that Carson Valley has to offer. Here’s the first video in that series:

Carson Valley, Nevada is a pretty special place and to help spread the word, the Visitor’s Authority created a dream-job…An opportunity for one lucky individual to take advantage of and tell stories about all the things you can do there. First Tracks Productions came on board to help create the campaign launch video. To find out how you can apply, check out the info on Visit Carson Valley’s site here and check out the video below!