Behind the Dirt: The Story of the Bijou Bike Park

The Bijou Bike Park is more than just some dirt jumps – it’s a place where everyone and anyone can come to enjoy the great outdoors on a bike. There’s something for everyone there – all ages, all levels of ability. Places this cool don’t spring up overnight. There was a long process and lot of volunteer hours involved to make this happen,  And that’s what this video is all about.

There’s some really rad riding in the video too. Heck, even Cameron Zink is in there. But this video is about how the Bijou Bike Park came to be  and how cities and towns can work together with area non-profits to make something truly special. Why’d we make this video? Well, we hope this becomes a blueprint for other communities and we see more and more bike parks popping up soon!

Corral Trail – Mountain Bike Community / Forest Service Partnership…

It’s pretty cool when two groups that may not have played too nicely together in the past get together and do something truly great. The recent work on Corral Trail in South Lake Tahoe, CA showcases the coming together of the mountain bike community – fostered by TAMBA (Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association) and the US Forest Service to create mountain bike specific features for users of all abilities on public lands. Yeah, pretty cool.

As avid mountain bikers, we’re incredibly fortunate to have this in our backyard and we encourage you to come ride some laps. Until then, check out the story of how it all came together and see some action from the new features!

Fireworks and Mountain Bikes…

The 4th was a great time in Tahoe. Part of the fun for us involved fireworks and mountain bikes – not together. Though, the thought of two people riding at each-other with roman candles is intriguing and something I expect to see on a reality show in the near future, our capturing of these things occurred at different times over the holiday weekend. Thanks to Amy and Ben from TAMBA (Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association) for being willing models. And, thanks to Tahoe South and all parties involved for putting on such an amazing fireworks display.

Check out some photos below:

South Shore Fireworks sm-2

South Shore Fireworks2 sm