Emmie and Me

One of the best parts of working on “Off the Beaten Path”  was getting out and exploring new places to ride with my dog, Emmie. Over the course of filming, I began to realize how many shots we had of “Emmie and Me”…so many, that a segment came together that wasn’t part of the original plan.

We’re doing premieres/screenings of “Off the Beaten Path” now and will announce plans for the full release soon, but, in the interim, we hope you enjoy watching “Emmie and Me”…

48 Hours on the new Turner RFX…

First Tracks was brought on to put together this quick turn-around, action-heavy edit showcasing the capabilities of Turner’s new RFX…

This was fun to shoot/put together, but I wish I’d gotten a chance to ride it! Iggy had perma-grin the whole time we were out there. After his first day on it, Iggy said, “this is the most fun bike I’ve ever ridden”. High praise from a former pro DH rider. And, this bike does more than just crush descents. At sub-28 pounds and with DW-Link suspension, this bike will get you some Strava PRs on the climbs too. Find out more at: Turner Bikes

Corral Trail – Mountain Bike Community / Forest Service Partnership…

It’s pretty cool when two groups that may not have played too nicely together in the past get together and do something truly great. The recent work on Corral Trail in South Lake Tahoe, CA showcases the coming together of the mountain bike community – fostered by TAMBA (Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association) and the US Forest Service to create mountain bike specific features for users of all abilities on public lands. Yeah, pretty cool.

As avid mountain bikers, we’re incredibly fortunate to have this in our backyard and we encourage you to come ride some laps. Until then, check out the story of how it all came together and see some action from the new features!

Specialized All Women Sport Camp…

The All Women Sport Camp kicked off 3 years ago and this great event keeps getting bigger and better. Specialized is now on board at the title sponsor and the women who take part have the opportunity to work with some of the top instructors in their fields including Marla Streb – former X-Games and World DH champion and recent inductee in to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Check out some of what went down during a beautiful weekend at Norhtstar at Tahoe, on Lake Tahoe and on the road up to Donner Summit…

Play Day…The Cross on Mt. Tallac

AC, dropping in
AC, dropping in.

Our work is usually a lot of fun. But, sometimes it's great to get out and leave the big cameras behind and focus on enjoying the beautiful backcountry we have here in Tahoe. On Saturday, January 12, I got out with Jeff, an AT skier, and Nils, a tele skier (see, we really can all just get along) for a tour on Mt. Tallac.

It was a cold (-3 degree) start, but the sun was strong on the skin track and the winds were basically non-existent. Throw in some fresh snow, and you have an amazing day. We got to the top and saw there were no tracks in The Cross, so the plan was pretty much made for us. Jeff was kind enough to take some stills…

Thanks to Prior Snowboards and Flylow Gear for making products I dig.


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What does a bald eagle, a bear cub, skiing, snowboarding and 24-hour night-life have in common? The Wild Side…

Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Authority and Tahoe South have come up with a great tagline to describe the area: The Wild Side. With all the outdoor activities we have, coupled with 24-hour nightlife, the tag fits.

Tahoe South is currently hosting the North American Snowsports Journalists Conference and First Tracks Productions was contracted to produce a video that showcases all the area has to offer while incorporating the new “Wild Side” theme. We had some fun with that part. Check it out!

South Shore Bikes shop promo

South Shore Bikes is a family-run bike shop in South Lake Tahoe, California that has been taking care of locals and visitors for over 20 years. The owners and employees are in to riding. Seriously in to riding. First Tracks took a camera to the shop and then out on the dirt and road so you can see what South Shore Bikes is all about…Check it out: