Alexis Roland…2013 Teaser

We have almost as much fun filming with Lexi as she does riding…Even when she ends up in the frigid waters of Lake Tahoe, she still has a smile on her face. So once we got her out, we didn’t feel bad laughing. Lexi still has a lot of filming left, but check out some what she’s been up to in her 2013 teaser. Her full video part will drop sometime this summer.

Talking about Groms on Outside Television

You don’t need to be the next Shaun White, Dylan Heinstein or Alexis Roland to get a fun video that your family will treasure. Interested in having First Tracks film with your child or family? Let us know

Lake Tahoe’s affiliate of Outside Television recently had Anthony on to talk about some of the amazing kids we work with here at First Tracks Productions:

Alexis Roland – Still Charging at the Advanced Age of 12

It seems like Alexis Roland has to be older. Not only has she been on the scene and turning heads in contests and video parts for years, but she’s doing stuff that older riders just aren’t doing yet. Hiking for powder? Check. Hitting street rails? Check. Tech tricks in the park? Check.

First Tracks Productions only filmed a few days with Lexi this season, but that’s all it takes with her to make a really fun video. Check it out:

Shooting with Alexis Roland…updated, with video

12 year-old Alexis Roland isn’t your normal 12 year-old. She doesn’t plant herself in front of a TV or video game system. She doesn’t have any Justin Bieber on her mp3 player. She loves to snowboard and she works hard to get better all the time. Lexi has been sponsored by Burton Snowboards for about 5 years and, for good reason. She’s doing things on her board that a lot of really good, older riders don’t even think of doing. What’s really cool, is seeing someone her age hiking for powder and hitting features outside of the terrain park. And no matter how the shooting goes, she does it all with a smile. We’ll be putting together some new videos for her soon, but in the meantime, check out some photos and still frames (pulled from footage) of Lexi shooting with First Tracks Productions at Lake Tahoe this past week:

UPDATED 3.15.12 with a new video:

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Day Camp Was Never This Fun

Before I was old enough to find gainful employment, I spent summers at the local day camp. Hey, I had a good time — kickball, free swim, jungle gyms. No complaints here.

But earlier this month, I went up to Mt. Hood in Oregon with Alexis Roland (one of the athletes First Tracks manages) and documented some of her camp activities. Let’s just say my perspective on summer camp has changed a bit. Check it out: