Talking about Groms on Outside Television

You don’t need to be the next Shaun White, Dylan Heinstein or Alexis Roland to get a fun video that your family will treasure. Interested in having First Tracks film with your child or family? Let us know

Lake Tahoe’s affiliate of Outside Television recently had Anthony on to talk about some of the amazing kids we work with here at First Tracks Productions:

Alexis Roland – Still Charging at the Advanced Age of 12

It seems like Alexis Roland has to be older. Not only has she been on the scene and turning heads in contests and video parts for years, but she’s doing stuff that older riders just aren’t doing yet. Hiking for powder? Check. Hitting street rails? Check. Tech tricks in the park? Check.

First Tracks Productions only filmed a few days with Lexi this season, but that’s all it takes with her to make a really fun video. Check it out:

1188 Riders. A World Record. Good Times…

On May 17th, The Slow Rollers of South Lake Tahoe put together an amazing event – a single-file bicycle parade with the goal of breaking a Guinness World Record. The previous record was 916 riders in Davis, CA. Well, we shattered that – and had a great time doing it! Check out the fun…

2 First Tracks videos getting some love…

The pride we get from doing a good job and knowing we did a good job is all well and good. But at the same time, it’s a cool feeling when our work is recognized by our peers. Our egos need some love too. So, we’re pretty stoked that 2 videos that First Tracks recently produced have received some really positive recognition:

In February, First Tracks produced a video on the opening of the Burton-Star Wars park at Sierra-at-Tahoe — an amazing experience that introuduces little ones to the sport of snowboarding in a fun and unique fashion. Ski Area Management, an industry/trade magazine, highlighted this video (one of only 4 videos they recognized positively) and labeled it the “Heartwarming Video of the Year.” You can see the video here:

Also in February, First Tracks produced a video to help get some attention for a great non-profit, SkiDUCK. The video — a parody of the song “I’ve Been Everywhere” changed to “I’ve Skied Everywhere” — will be showcased at the National Ski Area Association’s annual conference in San Antonio this month. Not going to make it to the conference? No worries.You can see the video here:

First Tracks produces 3 of The Ski Channel’s Top 10 mini-shredder videos…

First Tracks Productions is fast becoming the go-to company for up-and-coming kid athletes. First Tracks produced the videos for Alexis Roland, Dylan Heinstein and the number 1 video of Bailey Duran here:

12-21-11 update: Some more info about our work with kids and First Tracks in general from Lake Tahoe News:

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Now that we’ve got the obligatory LL reference out of the way, welcome to the new First Tracks site.

We’ve changed our focus in the last couple of years from producing annual ski and snowboarding movies to producing broadcast quality HD videos for media outlets, outdoor companies, resorts and individuals.

We’ve been looking for a new way to connect with friends and clients (often one and the same) and here it is. Check out some videos, follow what we’re up to here and on Twitter, and definitely stay in touch!