Got Powder?

Kirkwood usually does. And, they’ve got some legit terrain to go along with all the snow they get. So, Kirkwood has something pretty unique and they call it Expedition Kirkwood. This isn’t your normal ski school. They specialize in getting guests ready to tackle the backcountry and “in-bounds backcountry”. They have Avalanche Instruction courses, Snow Cat tours, and their guides can take you out on touring skis and splitboards to access the good too. I caught up with EK on March 29th and got a few runs in with one of their groups. This crew got the goods…and they were stoked – check it out:

Shooting with Alexis Roland…updated, with video

12 year-old Alexis Roland isn’t your normal 12 year-old. She doesn’t plant herself in front of a TV or video game system. She doesn’t have any Justin Bieber on her mp3 player. She loves to snowboard and she works hard to get better all the time. Lexi has been sponsored by Burton Snowboards for about 5 years and, for good reason. She’s doing things on her board that a lot of really good, older riders don’t even think of doing. What’s really cool, is seeing someone her age hiking for powder and hitting features outside of the terrain park. And no matter how the shooting goes, she does it all with a smile. We’ll be putting together some new videos for her soon, but in the meantime, check out some photos and still frames (pulled from footage) of Lexi shooting with First Tracks Productions at Lake Tahoe this past week:

UPDATED 3.15.12 with a new video:

All images (c) First Tracks Productions






What does a bald eagle, a bear cub, skiing, snowboarding and 24-hour night-life have in common? The Wild Side…

Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Authority and Tahoe South have come up with a great tagline to describe the area: The Wild Side. With all the outdoor activities we have, coupled with 24-hour nightlife, the tag fits.

Tahoe South is currently hosting the North American Snowsports Journalists Conference and First Tracks Productions was contracted to produce a video that showcases all the area has to offer while incorporating the new “Wild Side” theme. We had some fun with that part. Check it out!

Burton + Star Wars + Sierra = Awesome

Not to be a bitter old dude, but things are just cooler for kids nowadays. Check this out: Burton Snowboards, Lucasfilm and Sierra at Tahoe formed an amazing partnership to create Yoda’s Riglet Park…a one-of-a-kind snowboard learning center for kids 3-6 years old. Yep. Pretty cool.

Peep the fun:

I’ve Skied Everywhere, Man

You know that old line, love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life? Well, that fits for this video. This was a fun one to put together. Clint from SkiDUCK came to me with an idea to help promote a new Facebook App that would in turn help promote SkiDUCK. His idea, was to rewrite the lyrics to “I’ve Been Everywhere” to “I’ve Skied Everywhere”. And, from that concept, we turned out this really fun edit featuring footage we’ve shot over the last couple of years.

Check it out:

Big Jump. Big Lake. Big…well, you get the idea.

The Nike Chosen tour had their Tahoe South stop this past weekend at Heavenly…and, it went off. The features and riding level were amazing. First Tracks was on hand to produce a video of the event for LTVA (Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority) and Tahoe South. As you’ll see with the backdrop we had to work with, Tahoe South is the perfect place for an event like this:

New client. New snow. New video.

First Tracks Productions recently signed on to produce videos for LTVA (Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority) and Tahoe South. Our partnership was clearly what Tahoe needed as soon after, we got our first major storm of the season. Ok, so maybe we can’t take credit for the snow, but we did put together this video to let everyone know about it…Check it out: